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How-to: Change Display Language Windows 10

The following tutorial explains the process of changing display language in Windows 10.

Most PC users use only one display and keyboard language when working on a Windows 10 computer, but users who operate in a multilingual environment use additional languages. Thankfully, Windows 10 now supports over 100 languages.

However, you first must install the language pack corresponding to the language you want to use. In Windows 10, installing new language packs and changing display language is done in the Language pane of the Time & Language Settings page.

To open Language Settings, right-click the Start button and click Settings.

Open Language Settings

In the Settings window, select Time & Language, and then select Language.

Under the preferred languages section, you will see a listing of the languages the Windows can switch into.

Windows 10 Preferred languages
Preferred languages

Click Add a language to install a new language pack, then select the desired language from the list and install it.

Install a new language in Windows 10
Install a new language in Windows 10

Back in the Language pane, now you can change the display language under the Windows display language drop-down menu.

Change display language
Change display language

The Start Menu, File Explorer, menus, and dialog boxes are now in the new language you selected.

change display language windows 10

If you want, you have an option to set an entirely different input language to your keyboard. On the right side of the taskbar, you have this option to change the keyboard input language.

Taskbar shortcut to change the keyboard input language
Taskbar shortcut to change the keyboard input language