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How to Take a Full Page Screenshot in Firefox (Screen Capture)

Learn how to take a screenshot and save a webpage as a PNG image using the built-in screenshot tool in Firefox.

How-to: Check Monitor Model in Windows 10

Learn how to check the monitor model in Windows 10 using the Advanced display settings pane.

How-to: Configure Dual Monitors With Different Refresh Rates

You can configure dual monitors with different refresh rates in Windows 10.

How to Check Monitor Refresh Rate in Windows 10/Windows 11

In Windows 10/11, you can check your monitor refresh rate from the Advanced display settings pane.

How-to: Configure Dual Monitors With Different Resolutions in Windows 10

You can configure your dual-monitor setup to have different resolutions for each monitor.

How To Use the Laptop as a Second Monitor in Windows 10

After connecting an external monitor to your laptop, you can either display the same screen on both displays or you can extend displays to work as dual monitors.

How-to: Check if Secure Boot Is Enabled Windows 11/10

Learn how to check if secure boot is enabled in Windows 10/Windows 11.

How to Change Mouse Cursor in Windows 10

In this article, we will look at how to change the mouse cursor, cursor color, and cursor size in Windows 10.

How to Change Keyboard From US to UK in Windows 10

Learn how to change Windows 10 keyboard language from US to UK.

How-to: Surface Pro Boot to BIOS

Learn how to Boot your Microsoft Surface Pro to UEFI BIOS.

How-To: Turn Off Narrator in Windows 10

The Narrator in Windows 10 is a text-to-speech program, and when it is turned on, it reads the elements displayed on the screen and the actions you take, such as clicking and typing.

How To Remove the Weather From Taskbar in Windows 10

The latest version of Windows 10 includes a weather icon on the Taskbar.

How To Add Search Bar to Taskbar in Windows 10

Is the Search box missing in your Windows taskbar? Then do the following to add the search bar back to the taskbar.

How To Remove Search Bar From Taskbar in Windows 10

Do the following steps to remove the search from the taskbar.

How-to: Hide Desktop Icons in Windows 10

Hide desktop icons completely to achieve a clean-looking Desktop in Windows 10.

How-to: Reset Windows 10 Start Menu to Default

After making changes to the Start menu, if you want to reset the Windows 10 Start menu to its default configuration, you can do it by using the registry editor.

How-to: Change Display Language Windows 10

Most PC users use only one display and keyboard language when working on a Windows 10 computer, but users who operate in a multilingual environment use additional languages.

How-to: Hide Recycle Bin Windows 10

Hiding Recycle Bin in Windows 10 is done by using the Desktop Icon Settings.

How-to: Delete Microsoft Account in Windows 10

Do you have a Microsoft account that you no longer require? Learn How to delete Microsoft accounts in Windows 10.