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How to Check Monitor Refresh Rate in Windows 10/Windows 11

In Windows 10/11, you can check your monitor refresh rate from the Advanced display settings pane.

In Windows 10, open Windows Settings (Press Windows Logo key + I). Go to the System category and select Display.

Windows 10 system settings

Click Advanced Display Settings at the bottom of the Display pane to open the Advanced display Settings window.

Advanced Display Settings

In the Advanced display settings, under the Display information, it should show the refresh rate of your monitor.

how to check monitor refresh rate windows 10
Monitor refresh rate in windows 10

Under the Refresh Rate section, there is a drop-down menu to change the refresh rate.

In Window 11, Open Settings (Press Windows Logo key + I), click System from the left menu, and then go to Display.

Windows 11 Display Settings
Windows 11 Display Settings

Under the related settings, click Advanced display to check or change the refresh rate.

Windows 11 Advanced display
check monitor refresh rate in windows 11
Monitor refresh rate in windows 11