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How to Install Transmission Torrent Client on CentOS 7

Transmission is a good lightweight bittorrent Downloader which can be on CentOS 7 to Download Torrents Files. Installing transmission on CentOS 7 is easy once we add the epel repository. So Lets see how to install transmission on CentOS7 Linux.

Learn How to Install Transmission on CentOS 7 Linuix
Step One

Install Epel Release

First, we need to add the epel software repository for CentOS 7 because transmission does not include in the default CentOS software repository. To Install epel repository, open Linux terminal and type

yum install epel-release

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Step Two

Install Torrent Client Transmission for CentOS 7

Now we Can Install transmission torrent client with yum command.

yum install transmission

Open Transmission Torrent Client

After Installation is Finished Go to Applications > Internet and then open the Transmission Torrent Client.