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How to Install google chrome on Centos 7 Using Yum Command

This is Quick and Easy and Easy Guide to How to Install google chrome in Centos 7 Using Yum Command. What we Going to do is First Download google Chrome rpm package and  install using with yum install. Even though i haven’t checked You should able to use This Method for Other Red Hat Based Distributions,  includes Red hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora Desktop, Scientific Linux and Oracle Linux.

Step One

Download Rpm Package

Go to Google Chrome Download Page and Select 64 bit For Fedora/openSUSE Then Click Accept and Install then Save The .rpm File to your Centos Machine

Download Google Chrome RPM
Step Two

Open Linux Terminal

Now Open the Linux Terminal and login as root, then Change to the The Directory where you saved google Chrome rpm File(in My Case it is /home/user/Downloads/)

Step Three

Install Using yum install Command

Then Type yum install command followed by Full name of the .rpm file you Downloaded to install Google Chrome for Centos 7

yum install google-chrome-stable_current_x86_64.rpm

Beauty of Using Yum command to install rpm packages instead of rpm command is yum will search and install all the dependencies that needs, Which is something rpm command does not do.

Installation Complete

Now the installation is completed, go to Application Menu and under Internet submenu you can Open the Google Chrome web Browser and start using.

Open google chrome on Centos 7