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How to Install Ls Hardware(lshw) on CentOS 7

Lshw is a Linux Command line tool that can use to list hardware information on a Linux Server. If you want to view hardware details of your For CentOS 7 server then use lshw, because Output is more accurate and easy to understand.

So Let’s install lshw on CentOS 7 using yum install command.

yum install lshw

We can use the lshw command with -short option to list hardware information in a user friendly format.

lshw -short

install lshw on CentOS 7

Without -short option you can get the more detailed overview with additional information.

Using -html and -xml options allows us to  export the hardware information to html or xml format as shown below example.

lshw -html > hardware-info.html

As i mentioned earlier,  the output of the lshw command line tool is very simple and easy to understand Compared to other tools that are available.

You can use Ls Hardware Command to List following hardware information on your CentOS 7 Server.
Total Physical Memory