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How to Install TeamViewer In Centos 7

TeamViewer is a Remote Control and Desktop Sharing Software. It has been the most Popular Remote Control Software among Windows user, But also Available for other Platforms Including Linux. In This Tutorial We are going to see How to Install TeamViewer on CentOS 7, One of the Most Popular Linux Distribution.

Also You Can Follow This Installation Guide on Following Distributions too.

Step One

Download TeamViewer for CentOS 7

Go to TeamViewer Linux Download Page. Then Download the .rpm package under the “RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE” and save to your Computer.

download teamviewer for centos
Step Two

Open the gnome Terminal

Now Open the Linux terminal and login as root user or you can use the sudo command while executing the commands (For this you need to have sudo privileges).


Step Three

Install TeamViewer using yum Command

Now we can install .rpm file we download with yum command, when you give the name of the rpm file you have to give the absolute path of the rpm file you Downloaded or In the terminal you have to be inside the directory Where you saved the .rpm File.

sudo yum install -y /home/user/Downloads/teamviewer_10.0.36281.i686.rpm

Once the Installation is finished, you can open the TeamViewer by going to Application > Internet > TeamViewer

Open TeamViewer

Now you can start Desktop Sharing with TeamViewer. You can even access your Linux Desktop from Windows Computer or Windows machine From CentOS Desktop.

install teamviewer on centos