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How to Remove Duplicate Values From Array in PHP using array_unique

In This PHP Tutorial We are going to learn how to remove duplicate values from array in PHP Programming Language. The PHP built in function array_unique use to remove duplicate values from a PHP array. The PHP array_unique function takes an array as the input and returns a new array without duplicate values.

How to Join Two Arrays in PHP using array_merge Function

In PHP array_merge() function is used to merge two or more arrays together. In This Example we have two PHP arrays, $color1 and $color2. And we Combined $color1 and $color2 using php array_merge function.

$color1=array('Red','Green','Blue'); $color2=array('White','Black'); $result=array_merge($color1,$color2); print_r($result);

How to Generate Random Number in PHP 7

In this PHP 7 Tutorial you are going to learn How to get Random Number in PHP 7.

PHP 7 has introduced a new built in function called random_int() which will generate the random number between given two integers.

How Remove Element from Array in PHP

PHP unset() function uses to remove element from array in PHP using array key. Example 1

$fruits=array('Apple','Mango',''Orange','Avacado','Banana'); unset($fruits[1]); // Index 1 which is Mango will be removed from the PHP $fruits array print_r($fruits);

How to get Client IP Address in PHP

PHP Extract client information from the web server and stored in $_SERVER array. We can get the client IP address from the $_SERVER array by using "REMOTE_ADDR" argument.

$client_ip = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]; echo $client_ip;
We can write a simple function which will print the client IP Address.