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How to add Python shell to the Atom Text Editor

If you are using the Atom text editor as you python IDE, then you should add the script and Terminal-plus packages to the atom editor. With the script package you can run python programs from the atom text editor and Terminal-plus open the Linux/Unix shell in the atom editor.

To run python scripts in the Atom text editor, we need to Install the script package.

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences and click on Install (File > Settings in Windows).
  2. Then, next to the search box, click on the Packages and search for the “script”.
    Run Python Scripts Atom Text Editor
  3. Once you search script, script package should appear in the search list. From there you can install the script package.

To run python script, Go to Packages > Script > and click Run Script

Add Python Shell to Atom Text Editor

Currently there is no package that open python shell directly atom text editor, But we can use the Terminal-plus package, which open Linux/Unix Terminal(CMD in Windows) in the Atom editor. From the Terminal we can go to the python shell.

Windows user needs to install git on windows before installing terminal-plus package.

To install terminal-plus package, go to Atom package installer and search “terminal-plus” and click install.

install terminal-plus package

To open the terminal go to Packages > Terminal-Plus and click New Terminal. From the terminal you can login to the python shell using python command.

Add Python Shell to Atom Text Editor

Both Terminal-plus and script packages going to be very useful for you when you use Atom text editor to Code python scripts.