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What is AWS Identity and Access Management

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a free security service provided by Amazon Web Services to control user access to the AWS resources and the Services. Access management is done by using users and groups and assigning them specific permissions.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing means providing computer related technologies through the internet as a service. It is like your home electrical system. You use it when you want and only pay for what you used. It is same in the cloud you only pay for the resources you consumed and you do not pay for the resources you don’t use, which called pay as you go in cloud computing. Consumer access the cloud service using a simple web browser and there is hardly need of special software to access services. Which Mean you can access the cloud from anywhere and any device with any platform.

How to Install Dropbox On CentOS 7

Dropbox is a cloud file sharing service not only allow you to share files on the internet, but able to sync files on your local computer to the Dropbox cloud. When you sync your files to the cloud you can access them from anywhere with any device. You can start file sharing by creating an online account like with any other file sharing services. But to sync files between your computer and the cloud storage you need to install the Dropbox app. The good news is Dropbox app is support for CentOS 7. So Today In this lesson we will learn how to install Dropbox on CentOS 7.

Difference between scale up and scale out In Cloud Computing

In Cloud Computing Scale Out means Increase the Number of nodes in the system and Scale up means increasing the Resources of a one node of the system (Memory, CPU).