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How To Make a Folder in Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to make folders and subfolders to organize your Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.

To make a folder, click the New button at the top-left side of the Google Drive web interface.

google drive new button

Click Folder in the submenu that appears.

create folder google drive

A popup window appears, in which you can type the name for the new folder.

how to make a folder in google drive

To create a folder inside another folder, first move to the folder by double-clicking it, then click the New button.

You can also upload a folder from your local computer. Click the New button and select Folder upload from the sub-menu.

upload a folder to google drive
Upload a folder to google drive

If you are on Windows, consider installing the Drive for Desktop app, which integrates Google Drive to File Explorer.

add google drive to windows explorer

After installing Drive for Desktop, you can manage files and folders on your Google Drive from File Explorer.