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How to Backup Iptables Configuration

It is important to Know how to backup iptables firewall rules on your Linux server. Iptables firewall is a very sensitive thing, with one mistake you could mess up your entire network system, especially if you have configured your Linux server as a router. So you should always backup current configuration before you make any changes.

iptables-save command  use to backup iptables with output redirection.

iptables-save > backup-file-name

If you want, you can append the current date to the end of the filename to make it unique every time and to know  which day backup was created.

iptables-save > /root/iptables-backup-$(date +%F)

iptables-restore command is used to restore to old configuration from a backup file.

iptables-restore < backup-file-name

Configure Automatic Backup

We can add a cron job to backup iptables automatically at a given time. So You do not have to do it manually every time.

0 0 * * * root iptables-save > /root/iptables-backup-$(date +%F)

Add Above Cronjob to /etc/crontab file. Iptables backup will run everyday midnight with a unique name by day.