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How to Turn Off Firewall in Ubuntu 20.04

Learn how to disable ufw Ubuntu Firewall on Ubuntu 20.04.

How to Check Ubuntu Firewall Status with ufw Status Command

UFW comes preinstalled with Ubuntu, but inactive by default, How can I know? Well, we just need to check the status of the firewall.

How to Install Jetbrains Gogland Go IDE on Ubuntu

In the previous article we installed LiteIDE on Ubuntu, Today I am going to explain how to install Jetbrains Gogland GO IDE on Ubuntu. Like LiteIDE, Gogland also created specifically for Go Programming language.

How to Install LiteIDE on Ubuntu Desktop

There are a couple of Go-specific IDEs, The most popular one is LiteIDE, which is a free and open-source, cross-platform integrated development environment.

In this article I will explain how to install LiteIDE on Ubuntu. The LiteIDE is a development environment created specifically for Go Programming language.

How to Install Phpstorm on Ubuntu Desktop

Let's look at how to install phpstorm on Ubuntu Desktop. PHPStorm is an integrated development environment for the PHP by jetbrains. PHPStorm support PHP, HTML as well as JavaScript language.

How to Install MongoDB on Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial we will learn how to install and configure MongoDB, which is the most popular NoSql Database Server.

How to Install Apache on Ubuntu Server 14.04

Apache2 is the most popular Web Server Implementation for Ubuntu Server 14.04. In This Ubuntu Tutorial we are going to learn how to install Apache on Ubuntu Server 14.04. In Addition to installing Apache on Ubuntu Linux, we will also learn how to create and configure Apache Virtual Host and host a simple static website on Ubuntu Server.

How to Install vsftpd FTP Server on Ubuntu Server 14.04

In this Tutorial you are going to learn How to install and FTP server on Ubuntu Server 14.04. FTP (File transfer protocol) is the most common method to access files on a Linux system from a remote computer. As a Linux system administrator you must know how to configure your Linux server as a FTP server, especially if you are running a web server. The vsftpd is the best FTP Server software for Ubuntu Linux. Vsftpd is not installed by default on Ubuntu Server, but we can easily install vsftpd on Ubuntu Linux using apt-get install command.

How to Install Dropbox on Ubuntu Linux 14.04

In this Ubuntu tutorial I am going show you how to install Dropbox on Ubuntu Linux 14.04. Dropbox app use to sync files on your computer to Dropbox cloud. It is a good way to backup files on your computer. There are multiple ways we can install Dropbox in Ubuntu Linux 14.04. Easiest way is to install using Ubuntu Software Center. We can also download and install the latest version from the source(www.dropbox.com). We will look at the all methods.

How to Install Opera on Ubuntu Desktop 14.04

Opera web browser is most used in mobile operating systems as well as in Microsoft windows operating systems. But Opera also works well in most Linux distributions. If you are looking for a web browser for Ubuntu Linux other than Firefox and google chrome, then you should try opera on Ubuntu Linux. In This tutorial I am going to show you how to install opera web browser on Ubuntu Linux desktop 14.04 with two easy steps. So follow along.

How to Install Atom Editor on Ubuntu Desktop 14.04

In previous article we installed sublime text editor on Ubuntu Linux. Today We are Going to install atom editor in Ubuntu Linux 14.04. Atom IDE is very similar to sublime 3 text, But atom is a free open source editor while sublime is not completely free.

First, we are going to download atom for Ubuntu, then we can install atom using Ubuntu software center.

How to Install Skype on Ubuntu 14.04

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to install Skype in Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop. First, we are going to download Skype for Ubuntu then install using Ubuntu software center. So follow along.

How to Install Sublime Text 3 on Ubuntu Desktop 14.04

In This tutorial i am going to show you how to install sublime 3 text editor on Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 using Ubuntu software center, without using the command line interface.

How to Install SSH Server on Ubuntu 14.04

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to install ssh server on Ubuntu 14.04.

In Ubuntu Linux ssh server provides by the openssh-server package. We can install Ubuntu openssh-server package using apt-get install command.

apt-get install openssh-server

How to Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Ubuntu 14.04 Server

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to install VirtualBox guest additions on Ubuntu 14.04 Virtual machine. Following method works for both Ubuntu server and desktop distributions.

To install VirtualBox guest additions on Ubuntu 14.04, First power on the Virtual machine. Then , from the virtual machines menu under the device sub menu, click on Insert Guest Additions CD Image.

Configure error no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH in Linux

You could get following error message "configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH" when you try to compile and install a software from a source. I got above error message once, when I was going to install python 3 on CentOS 7.

Reason for the error is your Linux machine does not have the gcc compiler installed. Install gcc compiler to fix the problem.

How to Install MySQL Server on Ubuntu Linux

MySQL is a Free open source database management system popular among Webmasters because of the its stability and rich features. And not to mention MySQL Database works extremely well with PHP Programming Language which make it an important part of the LAMP Stack. The Purpose of this tutorial is to Learn How to Install and Configure MySQL Server on Ubuntu Linux. In Addition to the Installation we will also look at some useful mysql commands that will be helpful for the system administrators. For this demonstration we will be using Ubuntu Server 14.04.

How to Create Root User in Ubuntu Server

You don’t have to Create root user account because it is automatically created during the installation, The only thing is there is no password by default. So what you have to do is set a password to root user using sudo command.

How to Backup Iptables Configuration

It is important to Know how to backup iptables firewall rules on your Linux server. Iptables firewall is a very sensitive thing, with one mistake you could mess up your entire network system, especially if you have configured your Linux server as a router. So you should always backup current configuration before you make any changes.

How to Flush Iptables Properly

You Should Be Careful when you flush iptables rules, because if you do not flush iptables properly, you could end up being locked out of your server. Use following bash script to flush iptables rules, instead of applying iptables -F Command Directly to the system.

How to Install Filezilla on Ubuntu Desktop

Previously we learned about how to install Filezilla on CentOS 7. This Time We are Going to Install Filezilla FTP Client on Ubuntu Desktop 14.04. It is easier to install Filezilla for Ubuntu than CentOS Linux. For the installation we can use either command line interface or Ubuntu Software Center.

How to Install Iptables on Ubuntu Server 14.04

Ubuntu uses UFW (Ubuntu Firewall) as the Frontend tool to manage netfilter firewall rules by default. But if you are more familiar with iptables, no problem we can easily install and configure iptables on Ubuntu Server. So lets see how to install iptables on Ubuntu server 14.04.

Linux System Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

This Article Focus On Interview Questions You Will Be Asked When You apply For the Job Post of Linux System Administrator. Basic To Advance Questions Will be Included, So This will be helpful for Both Freshers and Experienced Administrators.

start: Unknown job: mysql Ubuntu Server

I am trying to restart the MySQL server on Ubuntu using service mysql restart command. But I only get Following Error. stop: Unknown job: mysql start: Unknown job: mysql

bash telnet command not found

Do you Get the Error bash: telnet: command not found in the Linux terminal? Obviously the reason is you don't have Telnet installed on your Linux Server. So Following Will Show you How to Install Telnet on Different Linux Distributions.

How to Enable Root SSH Login In Ubuntu 14.04

By Default ssh root login disabled in Ubuntu 14.04. This wasn't a case in Ubuntu 12 which had root SSH Login enabled out of the box. First time I Installed Ubuntu 14.04  and when ssh to my new server with the root user, I got the error messages Access denied. First my thought was that I am entering the Password incorrectly and I even reset the root password. But Only after looking at the sshd_conf file, I realize that This is Because the root login has been disabled by default in Ubuntu 14. And, I did the following steps to Enable Remote SSH for root user.

bash wget command not found - SOLUTION

I Tried to Download a Web Page Using wget command , But I get the following error wget command not found. This Because wget command (which is use to retrieves files from the web) is not installed in your Linux Computer. To install wget On a Redhat Based system use yum command. And you can use apt-get install command in Ubuntu and Debian Linux. Let's See How to install wget.