How to Install LiteIDE on Ubuntu Desktop

There are a couple of Go-specific IDEs, The most popular one is LiteIDE, which is a free and open-source, cross-platform integrated development environment.

In this article I will explain how to install LiteIDE on Ubuntu. The LiteIDE is a development environment created specifically for Go Programming language.

How to Install LiteIDE on Ubuntu Desktop

To Install LiteIDE on Ubuntu, Download the LiteIDE package from following URL (The download file is a bzip2 compressed archive file).

Next, Extract the archive file to the /usr/local directory:

sudo tar -jxvf liteidex33.1.linux64-qt4.tar.bz2 -C  /usr/local

To add desktop shortcut, create a new file called LiteIDE.desktop on your Desktop and add the following entries.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=IDE for editing and building projects written in the Go programming language

Make the desktop file executable using the chmod command:

cd ~/Desktop/
chmod +x LiteIDE.desktop

That is all we need to do.