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How to Install Atom Editor on Ubuntu Desktop 14.04

In previous article we installed sublime text editor on Ubuntu Linux. Today We are Going to install atom editor in Ubuntu Linux 14.04. Atom IDE is very similar to sublime 3 text, But atom is a free open source editor while sublime is not completely free.

Atom Text Editor on Ubuntu 14.04

First, we are going to download atom for Ubuntu, then we can install atom using Ubuntu software center.

Step One

Download Atom Editor for Ubuntu Linux

Go to Atom Linux Download page and download the .deb package for Ubuntu Linux.

Download Atom ide for ubuntu linux
Step Two

Install Atom using Ubuntu Software Center

Once the download is finished, double click on the downloaded atom .deb package to launch it with the Ubuntu software center.

Install Atom Editor on Ubuntu Desktop 14.04

Now click on the install button to to install atom on Ubuntu.

Once the installation process is finished, you will find the atom launcher from the application Menu on Ubuntu Desktop.