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How to Install Jetbrains Gogland Go IDE on Ubuntu

In the previous article we installed LiteIDE on Ubuntu, Today I am going to explain how to install Jetbrains Gogland GO IDE on Ubuntu. Like LiteIDE, Gogland also created specifically for Go Programming language.

Install Jetbrains Gogland Go IDE on Ubuntu
  1. First, download the Gogland Linux installer from the Jetbrains website.

  2. Extract the downloaded tar file to the /opt directory:

    sudo tar -zxvf goland-2017.3.2.tar.gz -C /opt
  3. Next, cd into the bin directory of the installation folder and execute the goland.sh file.

    cd /opt/GoLand-2017.3.2/bin

The command will launch the graphical installer of the Gogland Editor.

In order to open Gogland from the Ubuntu application menu, you need to Create desktop Entry. To create desktop Entry go to tools menu and select Create Desktop Entry.

create desktop Entry

Jetbrains Gogland does not have a free community edition, after the 30 day period you need to activate license to continue the IDE.