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How to Dig Nameservers of a Domain

With dig Command (Domain Information Groper)  we can Retrieve All Types of DNS Record and Can be used to find out NameServers for Domain. To find nameservers for a domain use dig with NS Option.

dig NS google.com

Use +trace option to Search DNS Record starting from the root name servers.

dig NS google.com +trace

Using +trace Option Always Gives the Most Accurate Result.

Nslookup in Windows

If You are Windows Administrator, You can use nslookup as an Alternative to Dig Command, which is pretty much a Unix Command.

nslookup -type=ns linuxcommands.info

-type=ns use retrieve Nameservers With nslookup Command.

nslookup Command Also Available In Linux Operating Systems. So if you are a Linux Administrator Your Job can be easy.