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How to Open Windows Task Manager in Windows 7

So what is the easiest way to Open Windows Task Manager in Windows 7? Learn keyboard shortcut to launch Task Manager in Windows 7 instantly.

Solution to chm file navigation to the webpage was canceled error

Most of the windows Help documentation files use the Compiled HTML Help file (.chm) format. For example, PHP manual. But when you open a .chm file you will most likely to see the error message Navigation to the webpage was canceled, instead of the help content. and if you go to file properties you will see the following warning message.

How to add Persistent Route on Microsoft Windows Operating System

First of all what is a Persistent Route? The answer is very simple. persistent route is a permanent static route that will not be deleted when computer restart. Use following format to add Persistent route in Microsoft Windows using CMD(You need to run CMD as administrator)

How Install MTR My Traceroute for Windows Operating System

MTR (My Traceroute) is a real time network diagnostic tool used to trace the path IP packets take to its destination. My Traceroute is a combination of two other networking tools, ping and traceroute. Even though MTR originally was a unix like software, windows version of the software called WinMTR available for Microsoft Windows operating systems.You can download the latest verion of WinMTR from this website for both 64bit and 32 bit systems.

How to Dig Nameservers of a Domain

With dig Command (Domain Information Groper) we can Retrieve All Types of DNS Record and Can be used to find out NameServers for Domain. To find nameservers for a domain use dig with NS Option.

TCPView - GUI for netstat Command in Windows

If you are a Windows Administrator you can use TCPView, Which is Provided Graphical User Interface to netstat Command and with more Advance Options.

How to Clear Screen in CMD Windows

Learn what is Command use to Clear Screen in Windows command prompt (CMD) and keyboard Shortcut to cls Command.