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Shortcut to Open File Explorer in Windows 10

If you want to open File Explorer using the keyboard, the keyboard shortcut for opening File Explorer in Windows 10 is the Windows key + E.

shortcut to open file explorer

When you press the Windows key + E, it will open a new File Explorer window, if you press the shortcut key again another File Explorer window will be opened.

Every time you press the shortcut key, a new instance of File Explorer will be opened.

We can open File Explorer from the Start menu or the shortcut pinned to the Taskbar. If you don’t see a taskbar shortcut, then open the Start menu, go to Windows System, right-click File Explorer, go to more, and click “Pin to taskbar”.

Pin File Explorer to taskbar
Pin File Explorer to taskbar

If you want to open more than one File Explorer instance, right-click Explorer’s taskbar shortcut and click File Explorer.

file explorer shortcut
File Explorer Shortcut

Here are some useful File Explorer Shortcuts that you’ll find helpful when working with Windows 10 File Manager.

Ctrl+WClose the current window.
Shift+Ctrl+NCreate a new folder.
Windows logo key + Down arrowDown arrow – Minimize current window.
Windows logo key + MMinimize all windows.
Alt+PShow/hide Preview pane.
F2Rename the selected File/Folder.
Alt+DSelect the address bar.