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How to Install Netbeans 8.0 in CentOS 7 Linux

Netbeans IDE is one of the most popular development environment among Java developers. Not only for Java, but Netbeans also can be used for other programming languages including PHP, HTML, C and C++. If You are looking for a Perfect advanced text editor for CentOS 7, Then I say you should try Netbeans IDE.

Netbeans 8.0 in CentOS 7 Linux

So now let’s see how to install Netbeans IDE 8.0 on CentOS 7, Step by Step.

Step One

Install JDK 8 on CentOS 7

First, we need to install JDK 8, because Netbeans 8.0 may not be compatible with JDK 7. Open the terminal and enter following command to install JDK 8 runtime and development environment.

sudo yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel.x86_64

Step Two

Download Netbeans 8.0 for Linux CentOS 7

Next, go to Netbeans IDE 8.0 download page. Before you download make sure you select the platform as Linux (Linux x86/x64). Then download the installation pack you want (Different packages are available depends on the programming language, for example Java, PHP, HTML and C++). For this demonstration I use the download pack Supported for all technologies.

Download Netbeans 8.0 for Linux
Step Three

Make Installation File Executable

As you can see the downloaded package is in .sh format. We need to run this file as we run shell scripts. So we need to add execute permission to the installation package. Enter following command to make the installation file executable.

sudo chmod 700 netbeans-8.0.2-linux.sh

Step Four

Install Netbeans 8 on CentOS 7 Linux

Now run the downloaded file to begin the installation process

sudo ./netbeans-8.0.2-linux.sh

Once you enter the command Netbeans graphical installer will be launched automatically. Click on the next button to start the installation, Also you can customize the package you want to add.

Netbeans graphical installer

Form Here everything is very straight forward. In Next Couple of screens you will be asked  for license agreement and installation path of the Netbeans. Continue with the default options as usual.

Once all done,  go to Application > Programming and click on the Netbeans icon to open the IDE.

Open Netbeans IDE

Ok! That is How to Install Netbeans 8.0 in Linux CentOS 7.