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How to Install Netbeans 8.0 in CentOS 7 Linux

Netbeans IDE is one of the most popular development environment among java developers. Not only for Java, but Netbeans also can be used for other programming languages including PHP, HTML, C and C++. If You are looking for a Perfect advanced text editor for CentOS 7, Then I say you should try Netbeans IDE. So now let's see how to install Netbeans IDE 8.0 on CentOS 7, Step by Step.

Is java case sensitive language ?

Yes! Java is case sensitive programming language. For Example You Can Write a Two Variable With the Same name and one of the Variable start with Capital Letter, Java will Consider the Two Names as Different Variables.

Can Java Variables start with a number ?

NO!! Variable names in Java Cannot be started with a number. In Java Variables can only start with a Letter, Underscore (_) , or Dollar Sign ($). You can include numbers anywhere after the first letter. But you still cannot use symbols such as @,*,& and etc..

Types of Comments in Java

All Programming languages use comments, so is Java. Mainly Java has Three Type of comments. Single Line Multi Line and Javadoc.

What Is The Difference between JDK and JRE

JRE is Java Runtime Environment simply is the Java virtual machine (JVM) which provides you the Environment to run Java programs and applications.JDK - is Java Development Kit is a development package for programmers which Also include the JRE.

What is Garbage Collection in Java

In simple, Garbage Collection in Java is objects that are not in use or the objects that has no reference variable. In Java when a new Object Creates it’s created in Java heap memory and it will be kept in heap memory as long as the object has a reference variable in the stack memory. But once no variables are referring to the object that object is eligible to the Java garbage collection. Then the programme called Garbage collector runs and destroy the objects that are in the garbage collection.