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Remove Category Base from WordPress Permalink

By default WordPress adds a base name  before the category name in the Permalink. For example, if you have a category called news, The Permalink by default would be Like


But Most Webmasters prefer to remove Category Base in order to have a SEO Friendly Url. So How Can We Do it? Yes We Can Do this By Using either WordPress Plugin or Changing the category base Value in Permalink Setting.

Remove Using WordPress Plugin

There are lots of plugin out there you can use to remove Category Base from WordPress Permalink. This the Most Common method and Probably the Best and Safest way to do it. Just Go to Plugin > Add new and Search Remove Category Base. You Will Get the List of Plugins that Can do the Job.

Search for WordPress No Category Base Plugin

Using WordPress Permalink Settings

This is little tricky, Actually You Can Simply Get Rid of Category base by putting a period/dot(.) in the base.

  1. Go to Settings > Permalinks
    Permalink Settings
  2. Under the Optional Put “ . ” to Category Base
    Put a period/dot in Base
  3. Then Click Save Changes

Even Though This is not Mentioning in Any WordPress Documentation it’s work like charm