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How to get WordPress Permalink to a variable

I think you already know we can’t use the_permalink() function to assign WordPress permalink to a PHP Variable, because it is echo the permalink instead of returning. So how we can get the post URL to a PHP Variable ? get_permalink function use to retrieve the permalink of current post or given post id (Also works for WordPress Pages).

Solution to Wordpress Double Dash Problem

I have a Problem. Whenever I add a double dash in to my content, WordPress automatically converts it into one long dash when display in the web browser. I suppose This is Because some kind of WordPress Auto Formatting.

Remove Category Base from Wordpress Permalink

By default Wordpress adds a base name before the category name in the permalink.But Most Webmasters prefer to remove Category Base in order to have a SEO Friendly Url. So How Can We Do it? We Can Do this By Using either Wordpress Plugin or Changing the category base Value in Permalink Setting.